Will Blockchain See Wide-scale Commercial & Government Adoption?


I know that blockchain adoption is kicking off rapidly, but I wonder if the GOV will get involved the blockchain action also, especially in voting?


Most definitely! Governments are already getting behind blockchain for data/document records management.

With projects like Po.et you have content creators able to prove ownership rights without needing to use legacy trademark systems.

Voting would be another great option - although I think it’ll be some time before people truly trust the integrity of the system.


There is a couple of voting projects that I know of. One is Clearpoll and the other is HST. Both seem to be pretty good examples of using blockchain with Government.


https://horizonstate.com/ - if anyone else was wondering what HST was. I had actually looked into that before, but forgotten the project.

Honestly it would be amazing if the democratic process started being more granular. So instead of one big vote every 4 years - people could actually voice their opinion on policies and projects as they came up.

HST looks like they have some pretty impressive goals.