What's your favourite project in the cryptoverse and why?


There are many great projects in the works- too many to follow all at once. This thread is dedicated to the discussion of our most-admired coins, with the purpose of spreading knowledge and wisdom to our fellow crypto enthusiasts.

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I know it’s an unpopular opinion in some quarters but I’m a big fan of the use case of XRP. Although my heart is still with Bitcoin. I think XRP has gone from strength to strength due to its use case being driven by the management team at Ripple.


I back xrp as well - not sure why its so unpopular! to me real world use and backing of big banks will make that one of the earliest coins to see good gains hopefully!


my favorite project in the cryptoverse is Decentrland.org. Here is a brief breakdown:

  1. Decentraland is an open-source interactive virtual reality platform in which users can buy, use and build on virtual land, guaranteeing its users complete ownership rights as well as keeping a permanent record of the ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

  2. It’s a platform in which you can create content and applications, as well as experience and monetize them. It is a 3D interactive world, which can be experienced using a virtual reality device or a normal browser.

  3. The land you can buy is in limited supply, with each unit having an area of 33 x 33 feet, but there is no limitation to the height of whatever you build on it.

  4. MANA is Decentraland’s very own ERC20 token that can be used to purchase the land as well as pay for other goods and services on the platform.


I’m also a big fan of Ripples XRP and Ripples general operations, but one thing that i don’t like is how much of the supply is currently owned by Ripple labs.


Nice post Slick, Decentraland is IMO is one of the coolest projects around!


Basic Attention Token

BAT is a very promising project. The team has significant experience in the tech industry, which is key to succeeding in the cryptocurrency space. The BAT token is a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users. The company does not encourage trading the tokens on any exchanges. Synonymous with BAT is the Brave browser, which seamlessly integrates with the BAT token. The browser can repel malware and protect the privacy of users while they surf the web. Citing the costs of data usage and energy that users face because of unwanted ads on their mobile devices, BAT addresses issues that many can relate to. It banks on the fact users will welcome a browser that blocks trackers and ads that sell their personal information. I would tend to agree.


I think the way they have managed it so far has been pretty good. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of the fact that a lot is held in Escrow, but they have a decent track record so far.


For me, it has to be Cardano. Charles is practically a wizard, and ADA seems to be a proper 3rd generation blockchain. Bring on Shelley!


I’ve heard good things about ada as well its on my list to buy list - just waiting for the right timing!


If you look into what they are doing exactly you will understand why they needed that much to be able to satisfy the liquidity needs on the industry. In the long long run it will not matter how much they have, only how much you have :slight_smile:


NEM. For the huge support they show to startups exploring blockchain tech with their Community Fund. And because they support Kiwis too, for example Origins and Choice to Pay.