If a goverment wanted to shut down bitcoin, What would their options be , if they even have any?


If a government wanted to shutdown bitcoin, how would they go around doing this?


There is no take down protocol for bitcoin, so along as one person is mining the bitcoin block chain, the system will stay live. If the government outright bans crypto and bitcoin, I feel like it would only attract more attention, and it would increase the utility as a means of payment away from the governments eyes. if all the major search engines are forced to blacklist certain keywords from their search engines like ‘crypto’ or ‘bitcoin’, It would only drive traffic to a browser against censoring, like Brave Browser.

Correct me if I’m wrong on these, it seems like the gov is in a bit of a checkmate on this one.


Interesting Ideas, I wonder if the Gov could just buy all the bitcoin?


I think it would be fairly difficult - along the lines of trying to shut down the dark web.

Now, it could be done, but it would require ISP-level filtering of absolutely everything. And that’s pretty unlikely unless you’re living in a place like China.