How will crypto change the world as we know it?


I’m new to crypto and do see that this technology will impact the world, but my question is in what way will it impact the world?


If we are talking philosophically, then banking the unbanked and giving the world an alternative to the current banking system.


As Barry says banking the unbanked is a massive (1.7b people) opportunity that crypto could solve, along with those whose banks/governments are no longer secure or trustworthy ( )

But even in countries like ours, there’s also massive potential for improving the way our systems currently work, or opening up new opportunities. Examples would be:

  • improving the way we do international payments. Right now it takes me 4 days to send funds to Australia and costs $70!! - crypto could do that within seconds and at no or low cost
  • opening up investment opportunities to everyday people. Typically you can only invest in things like stocks if you have a minimum investment amount that is out of many people’s reach. Crypto can completely democratise investments, making them open to everyone at any investment level

That’s just a few examples, there’s many out there including community fundraising, voting systems, micro payments … the list goes on!