How to keep your crypto safe


In light of the recent Cryptopia hack, it’s a good time to do a review of your crypto storage system, and make sure that you’re keeping things safe.

Whether you store your crypto on your phone or computer in a software wallet, or whether you keep things in cold storage, the most vulnerable part in the system is how you store your passwords.

I have written a full guide on how to install and use KeePass to keep your passwords and cryptocurrency data safe. Have a read here:


Thanks Alan - great guide, much appreciated.


Part of making this system as secure as possible is to memorise the passphrase, rather than having it written down somewhere (and definitely not storing it on your computer!)

If you’re worried about maybe one day forgetting it and losing access to your crypto, a good option can be to store the passphrase with someone you trust. Alan has a copy of my KeePass passphrase stored in his KeePass, which means I have a back up should I ever forget it.

It also means that I have succession planning sorted for my crypto (ie what happens if I die) another common challenge for cryptocurrency hodlers