Best sites for newbies starting out?


What would you guys recommend as the best sites for people new to crypto to get up to speed and keep up to date?


It’s not specifically for newbies, but this site has collected a bunch of amazing crypto links in one place:

And for getting a good overview of the market and different coins, CoinMarketCap is the way to go:


Great list! Thanks Reddit :wink:


Great work on the forum! It’s a fantastic idea :slight_smile:

Of course, I’d have to recommend BitPrime’s blogs. Particularly ones like our 5 Online Courses for Blockchain Education and the ultimate blockchain guide.


A few of my favorite resources stats/info on crypto, excluding news sites :slight_smile:

BitInfoCharts seems to be the most comprehensive resource hub I have found so far on many of the major coins and their blockchains:

CryptoLinks (as Alan already replied) is an absolutely epic all in one hub for crypto news, wallets, forums, ICO’s, exchanges and other crypto related service:

CoinMap is a free tool where you can find shops and businesses using and accepting Bitcoin from all over the world. It is also an excellent tool for journalists who want to study and report on the adoption of Bitcoin in the real economy:

Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin Whitepaper:

CoinMarketAlert will send you a text to your phone when a crypto of your choosing hits a certain price:

The entire up to date list of the Ripple Labs partnerships:


Harry, the coinmarketalert is definitely a good resource, thanks for that.


No problem! Michael! :slight_smile: