Add support for Dash


Dash is digital cash. It’s instant, private, and secure. This crypto is trying to actually be a currency, unlike most other projects (Bitcoin, Ethereum). It supports instant transactions with instantsend (currently a small fee). Instantsend will soon be automatic when v0.13.0 releases.

It also has a treasury system where anyone can request funding to implement their ideas. Masternodes vote on treasury proposals and new things get built. EasyCrypto could do this if they need funding to add Dash.

It is listed on other major exchanges and retailers like Uphold. It would make my life easy so I can send money to my US bank without all the fees. is the website


Hi Nicholas!
Turns out, we do support Dash already! The only issue is that you need to have a fully verified account with us in order to buy Dash, this includes verifying your source of funds.

The reason for this is that Dash has more privacy oriented features than your standard cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and NZ law requires additional due diligence (KYC) for customers trading with privacy coins.

If you want to get some Dash it won’t take long to upgrade your account - you’ll find the details on your account page under “Verification”

Hope that helps!


I haven’t verified my account yet and I didn’t see it on the website anywhere. That’s awesome Dash is already supported!


Fair point - we’ll get it added to the rates page etc so that it’s clear that Dash is supported. We just need to make sure we have some clear comms regarding the verification levels required. Will get that sorted in the New Year :slight_smile:

Have a great New Years Eve!